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Submitted by: doug
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It Has written on the inside housing Model 5B on top with Pat. Pend. on bottom. On the Reverse side of inside housing, "the one with a wire soldered in the middle", it has written Shure Brothers Company. Chicago, ILL. U.S.A. 6258

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Estimated Value submitted by Becky

Hi Doug,

Your Shure Microphone was made in 1936 and the list price was $10. This is a very rare piece. One has been up for auction on eBay but no one was willing to pay over $450 for it. One did sell in 2007 for $327. In today’s market it would be value at $367. It had been restored and mounted in a wooden case. Your Shure Microphone is estimated between $150 and $250 in it's current condition.


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