Free Antique Appraisal -- 1918 or early 20's Mack Shovel nose Pedal truck Rare

Submitted by: Ed
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Original and rare Mack Pedal Truck/car from 1918 or possibly early 20's. I would appreciate any and all input you can provide on its worth/value. Thank you in advance

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Ed,

Your pedal car could be from as late as 1927.  Here's an advertisement showing your \\\"mack\\\" pedal car for sale by Butler Brothers in 1927:

I love the original price tag of $21 dollars.  Considering the average wage in 1927 was 50 cents a day, I think its safe to say this pedal car originally belonged to a wealthy family!

Your 1927 American National \\\"Mack\\\" pedal car is worth around $1200-1500 dollars.  Here's one currently for sale in that price range:

1920s Steelcraft Dump Truck Pedal Car for sale $1200 plus shipping

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