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Found this old Garland stove while cleaning out my mom's garage. Can't find any info on it. No idea if it works. One of the back legs is coming off. But it looks really old and like it might be an antique. I can't tell if it says No. 20 G or C. Does anyone know if it is worth anything. It needs to be cleaned up, but I don't know how to do it.

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Hi Etrag,

In1864 the Garland Line began in a small Foundry in Detroit, which grew to become the Michigan Stove company in 1873, and produced over 200 varieties of stoves under the name Garland. In 2008 Garland became part of Manitowoc Foodservice and are still manufacturing various Garland equipment today. Below is a link to the Garland history.

Your Garland stove is worth between $375 and $500 depending on the condition for a Gas stove. The wood stoves sell for less. In 2010 a gas stove sold for $475 in an online auction another in 2011 sold for $380. In 2007 a wood burning stove sold for $10 but it was not in good condition.


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