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I think I have an original painting from M. Goodman.. It is black and white, The only marking on it are "M Goodman 89". I researched and found the title.."Songs Of Love". It has an antique wooden frame and the back has some kind of paper under wooden planks with nails. Am really curious about this. Cleaned out an estate home and have lots of Antiques from there. Any information would be helpful. Thank you

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Hi Debi,

A lot of times the value of a art piece is in the framework. I don't know if what you have is an original or a print. In 2010 a color print of “Songs of Love” was valued at $150, replacement value was $250. It was in excellent condition with the original frame. Please see below:

Yours does show some damage, probably caused by the matting that was used around the painting. To preserve a painting you need to use what is called “Museum Mount”. The mat doesn't have the acid in it that eats into the art.

Here is one like yours not framed, selling for $8. It looks like it has more damage than the one in your picture.

Hope this helps,

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