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Submitted by: joe
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I have a dino pez dispenser with a mistake.The dino has 2 snouts and it should only have one.It is still in the original package.I was just curious what mistake pez dispensers go for.This piece is about 12 years old,I believe Im not sure when the flintstone pez came out.Thank you for your time.

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Hey Joe,

PEZ errors normally sell for around $5-20 dollars a piece, depending on the severity of the error.  I've seen dealers ask for outrageous amounts of money for errors, but I highly doubt they getting them.  If the error pez is real old, like from the 1950s or 1960s, then they sell for much higher, but your Dino PEZ is pretty recent PEZ dispenser.

Two snouts sounds like a very unique error PEZ.  Can you send us a photo, I'd love to see the mistake.


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