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I have a old wood cook stove that was made between 1850 to 1890 the name on the stove is the FisherLeaf co. in louisville ky on the front of the stove it has Dainty Arizona. It has a bread warmer above and 6 places to cook on the top plus the oven. There is no water tank can find very little about the company that made the stove or the value.

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Hi Anthony,

There were over 200 stove manufacturers in the us during that time and some of them came and went very fast, so its not too surprising you can't find much information about the Fisher-Leaf Co.  Completed restored antique stoves from this period can sell for $1500 dollars and up.

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However, your stove (in its current condition) probably wouldn't command that kind of price.  I would say your stove with the right buyer could bring between $400-500 dollars.  Here are similar stoves that have sold in the past in that price range:

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