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Submitted by: Steve
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May be from early Roman era. The handle is in the form of a lion and there are garlands of figures in relief. There are figures of fish and foliage around the rim. It is 9 inches high.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Steve,

I don't believe your bronze pitcher is from the roman era. The patina has a very modern look to it, almost as if it had a protective covering on it.  I think modern bronze sculptures have a special process at the end that make them look shiny.  It certainly doesn't look 2000 years old. 

Whether or not your bronze pitcher is roman or not, it still has value.  It's a beautiful piece of art.  I would say your bronze ewer with lion handle is worth $300-600 dollars.  Here's a similar one that sold in the past:

Here's a real Greek bronze jug from antiquity:

As you can see, the antique Greek bronze has a very different look to it, it looks old.  I don't believe someone even attempted to make your bronze pitcher look old, its just a modern reproduction of a classic Roman or Greek design.

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