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I have an old antique yale linus padlock with the #32 and a 2 on it. I was wondering what it could be worth. I have photo

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Michael,

I had to call in the big guns to identify this one!  I've never seen a Yale padlock like yours!

Here's what my dad had to say about your Linux Yale padlock:

\"This appears to be a reproduction of the first pin tumbler mechanism used for a padlock in the U.S.A., invented by Linus Yale in 1857.  The originals are extremely rare, so several talented modern locksmiths have reproduced them.  The most noteworthy have been made by George Hill out of California in 1976, with about 90 produced.  Although not as rare as the originals, they are sought after by serious collectors.  They usually sell for $300-$400.\"

It would the find of the century (at least for lock collectors) if your Yale padlock turned out to be an authentic prototype from 1857!  However, even a reproduction is worth $400 dollars, so you still have a great padlock!

Thanks for sharing, its a really awesome lock! 

Estimated Value submitted by

 I believe this to be an original Yale Linus padlock. I found it in a collection from an old locksmith. If it is the real deal,, what would that be worth ??

Estimated Value submitted by Tim

I highly doubt it's a original, but you could have it authenticated by a museum to prove its authenticity.  Just because you found it in a locksmith shop doesn't prove it's an original.  A reproduction could end up in a locksmith shop just as easily as a original, in fact, its more likely because there are a lot more reproductions of this lock than there are originals. 

If it were a original Yale Linus prototype pin tumbler padlock, I would say it would sell for $2000+

I suggest you bring it to a antique lock show and let a couple more of the collectors take a look at it.  You could also find the highest buyer that way too. 

I can send you my dads email address, he's been collecting antique padlocks since the 1970s.  He'd be happy to help you out.

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